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Business Security Advisory Group - Chief Security Officer (CSO)

The Security Executive Council Announces Merger with Business Security Advisory Group

April 8, 2009, Washington, DC"The Security Executive Council (SEC) is proud to announce its merger with BSAG™ the Business Security Advisory Group. BSAG will become a part of the SEC, and all its partners and executive consultants will be added to the SEC faculty.

BSAG is an innovative consulting group formed by former chief security officers from major global corporations who collectively represent several hundred years of security experience on the front lines of global business risk. Each team member brings a proven record of corporate leadership and successful security program development and management.

BSAG's principals, Dick Lefler, George Campbell, John McCarthy, John Thompson and Randy Uzzell, and its executive consultants, Randy Arnt, Milt Brown, Joe Carlon, Ed Casey, Wayne Gilbert, George Miserendino, J. David Quilter, and Robert Sypult, are a great asset to the SEC Emeritus Faculty roster and will expand the collective subject-matter expertise that the Council offers to its customers.

The Security Executive Council is a leading provider of products and services to risk mitigation and security executives world-wide. For more information about the Security Executive Council please visit our website: